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Things to see and experience

Things to see and experience

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum + Bistro Perspektiv

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum is a modern photographic museum in Falsterbo, located in scenic surroundings by one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches Falsterbo Strandbad – a world-class destination. The premiere exhibition “Dressed for Success – 100 Years of Fashion Photography” shows hundreds of exclusive works that reflect the history of fashion photography.
Directly adjacent to the museum is Bistro Perspektiv, a high-class restaurant serving Nordic food with inspiration from France and influences from Asian cuisine. The restaurant has lovely views of the pine forest and dunes, and also offers a large outdoor terrace in summer.


Golf courses

You will find many golf courses within a close distance from us. Falsterbo GK is an amazing 18 hole course with the ocean right beside, same goes for Flommens GK. You also have Ljunghusen GK and Vellinge GK within a short distance.


Jogging, Walking, Biking

There is a jogging trail starting by the campsite, alongside the south and the east corner of the campsite in a trail through Falsterbo and back.

Walk and bike paths – Both Sydkustleden and Skåneleden are going through and outside the camping which makes nature-close hiking a natural part of your stay with us. The trails therefore makes it easy to go either north up to Malmö or east towards Österlen.


Stand-up Paddle

If you would like to try out Stand-up paddle, we rent this out with vest, carts etc!

Contact us and we will tell you more.


Rent a bike!

Why not take the oppertunity and rent a bike and explore the wonderful Falstebonästet?

The cost is 125 SEK / day, and the bike rental company is “Hyrenhoj” in Höllviken, see more info here.

Take the bike to our other campsites and leave it at the next stop. Visit our our campsites at Campinggruppen.se


The south coast trail!

The south coast route is something for those who like to cycle along the sea, enjoy the Scanian landscape and would like to stay at a charming inn. It is the country’s third national cycle route for tourism and recreation, officially inaugurated June 2-3, 2019.

The coastal South Coast Trail consists of 6 stages and a total of 260 km of cycle paths. Here it is close between the experiences. You can sunbathe on some of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches, experience historical and scenic environments, eat and drink well at local cafes and restaurants. If you want to experience a vibrant city life, you can visit the big cities of Malmö and Helsingborg.

The south coast route also ties together all our campsites, so take a bike and go on a little adventure!


Read more about the south coast trail at this link: https://swedenbybike.com/cykelleder/sydkustleden/


White beaches as far as the eye can see

This is the place you seek if you want to enjoy Sweden’s very finest beaches. In Falsterbo, Kämpinge, Ljunghusen and Skanör, one of the chalky white beaches spreads out after the other – and at Svanrevet in Skanör there is also a large naturist bath.

And no, it’s not just us who like the white sand here. Most recently, it was the travel guide Rough Guides that had the Falsterbo Beach on its top ten in Europe’s best beaches. Are we meeting each other this summer?


Read more a:t roughguides.com/gallery/the-best-beaches-in-europe/#/8.


What shall we eat tonight?

The gastronomy is highly valued here and the variation is great. Classical Scandinavian food crafts, organic foods, Italian ice cream, fish directly from the smokehouse and lots of other first-class food experiences to choose from – welcome to the table!


For more information and booking requests, visit: http://besoksguide.vellinge.se/kategori/plats/mat-och-dryck.

Hallongården and Halloncaféet

The Raspberry farm and café (Hallongården and Halloncaféet) is open all year around. October to March they serve their appreciated waffle buffet, and the rest of the year the café is filled with lovely raspberry cookies. We welcome you to enjoy homemade cakes and light lunches!


If the weather is good we will pack your order in a picknick basket that you bring with you into our garden. Until the spring and summer heat arrives, you are welcome to have a cup of coffee in “Grandma’s old hen house”. This “hen house” is renovated and decorated for cozy moments.


At the Raspberry farm, the food is always homemade, raspberries in most of the food and with Swedish raw materials.

More info at: http://www.hallongarden.com


Bird Watching

There is no other place in Sweden with as many birds as there is in Falsterbo during a good day (there’s a record of 1,5 million birds!) where up to 340 different bird species have been seen. The peak season for bird watching is towards the end of August until the end of October. In suitable weather you can see hundreds of thousands of birds in just one day, as they are moving to warmer latitudes.

The most spectacular part is the raptor migration that is most intense on days with mild winds and clear sky. The birds are then leaving in an order determined by how far they are going, which means that birds such as Honey Buzzards, Ospreys, Swallows etc. are leaving first. Whilst the birds that partially hibernate in south Sweden don’t leave until later, such as Rough-Legged Buzzards, Ringdoves, Skylark and Starlings.

Why not prepare for your visit by reading the books about the cabanas or the bird watcher that Christina Olséni and Micke Hansen wrote where they also let you in on their favourite spots and hideaways around the area.



Do you have a calm day and nothing planned, but still want to do something nice?
Then why not try out our beautiful pitch-and-putt course?

It has 12 holes total and only costs 25 SEK for kids and 40 SEK for adults.




Playground for the children

We can of course offer something to do for the little ones aswell on our camping! Come and play at our new playground.


Lekplats på Falsterbo Resort  Lekplats på Falsterbo Resort

Always something to do!



30e – Valborg och öppet hus på Fotevikens Museum



8th – Internationella Vikingadagen

25th – Bakluckeloppis på Falsterbo Strandbad

30th may-1th june – Halör Cup, Höllviken



6th – Nationaldagsfirande på Foteviken

21th – Gåsaloppet Skanör

21th – Midsommarfirande på Falsterbo Resort och i Skanör

24th-27th – Vikingaveckan på Fotevikens Museum

28th-30th – Fotevikens Vikingamarknad



1th-2th – Fotevikens Vikingamarknad

6th-14th – Falsterbo Horse Show

15th-21th – Barnens vecka på Fotevikens Museum

28th – Sandskulpturtävlingen, Falsterbo Strandbad



4th – Skanör Falsterbo Gran Turismo

5th-11th – Fotevikens familjevecka

25th – Arkeologidagen på Foteviken

30th aug – 1th sept – Falsterbo Bird Show


1th – Falsterbo Bird Show

7th-8th – Skördefest på Foteviken




With reservation for changes. This is only a selection of events. You can find more at www.vellinge.se

Easter village at Vellingeblomman

Every year we arrange a big party in the Easter village. Happy colors with the Easter bunny and his friends. We know that Easter wiches fly away to “Blåkulla” with the help of “Blåkullianer”, a entity/figure we have made up ourselves.

In addition to the exhibition, you are welcome to visit our cute rabbits called Tizzla & Tazzla.


Please visit our website: www.vellingeblomman.se


This is a recurring event

The exhibition opens week 7 (Thursday) and is open until April 22th, week 17.

The exhibition is free!


Opening hours

Monday-Friday, 10:00-19:00 (10am-7pm)

Saturday-Sunday, 10:00-17:00 (10am-5pm)


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