Questions and answers

General questions

What times apply for check-in / check-out?

Check-in for camping pitches is OK from 13:00 and for cabins from 15:00.

Check-out takes place no later then 12:00 on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed with the reception. If checkout does not take place on time, a new daily fee will be charges and possibly additional costs incurred due to the delay.


What time is the gate to the campsite open?

The gate is open 24h per day. When entering, the key cards a used. When exiting the gate will open automatically.


What prices do you have?

To see daily prices you can search for specific dates in our online booking. Prices vary depending on the week and amenities on pitch/cabin. We reserve the right to change camping pitches up to and including week 8 due to the placement of our seasonal places. During July, only weekly rentals apply for our cabins, from Sunday to Sunday.


Do you have open all year around?

The campsite is open between 1/3-31/10. Our cabins are available for rental all year round. 

If you’re interested in camping during the winter we recommend you to visit one of our campsites, Tobisviks Camping.


What do your cabins look like?

We have different categories of cabins, see more information here.

In all cabins, it’s intended for the number of beds; duvets, pillows, glasses, wine glasses, plates, small plates, cutlery (6 pcs each), oven, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator with freezer compartment, pot, frying pan.
Note that the Skanör- and Höllviken cabins do not have an oven, but there is a pentry with a stove.


Can I rent bed sheets and towels?

Bed sets and towels can be rented for 150 SEK/set.


Is departure cleaning included in the cabins?

Departure cleaning is performed by the guest before check-out, cleaning kit is available in the cabin. If departure cleaning is desired, it is possible to buy for 800 SEK. 


Are pets allowed in the cabins?

Pets are welcome in the Skanör cabins and in Falsterbo cabin 11.


 How many service buildings do you have, and what do they look like?

We have a larger service building in the central part of the campsite. In this service building you will find separate WC/Showers for men and women as well as a family room. Here you will also find a kitchen, laundry room and the possibility to empty the latrine via a Camperclean, an emptying- and cleaning station.

In the southern part of the campsite, we have a small service building. Here there is also a separate WC/Shower for men and women and a kitchen.

Is it possible to use wash- and drying machines?

You will find a laundry room in the big service building at the central part of the campsite. Booking of the machines takes place in the laundry room.


Which facilities cost extra?

Showers, Camperclean and the machines in the laundry room cost extra. To use these facilities you use the cards that will be given by check-in. Keep in mind that the cards need to be pre-loaded. 


Is there any WIFI at the campsite?

Yes, we have WIFI at the campsite. However, as a guest you must expect that the wireless network will not always work 100% optimally. These factors can be such as distance to the closest WIFI-pole, buildings, trees and the amount of guest that are connected. Because the signal is significantly weakened when it has to pass through the caravan you will most likely discover that the signal has a better function outside of the caravan than inside.


Can I rent bikes at the campsite?

Yes, you can rent bikes via our partner HyrenHoj i Höllviken, who have their bikes at our campsite. Booking, pre-booking and payments can be made through their website. See prices below:

Box bike – 200 SEK/day

Women’s bike with child seat – 175 SEK/day

Adult’s bike – 150 SEK/day

Women’s bike with child seat – 175 SEK/day

Children’s bike – 100 SEK/day


Where can I charge my electric car?

By cabins 6-7 you will find charging stations intended for electric cars.

Please respect that the electricity from the poles on the camping pitch is intended for caravans/motor homes/ tents and the electricity from the cabins is only intended for the cabins. It is prohibited to charge an electric car at the camping pitches and from the cabins.  If the rule is not followed, a fee of SEK 1000 will be charged.


How big are the camping pitches?

Our camping pitches vary, regardless of color on the map. In general, our seats are about 80 square meters. If you come with a caravan/motorhome up to 10 meters, we ask you to contact us to find a suitable place for you together.

The stopovers are about 8,5 *5m.


Is there electricity on all camping pitches?

Yes, there is electricity with a CEE sockets on all camping pitches, tent pitches and stopovers.

 Electricity is included in the daily price.


What kind of basis do the pitches have?

All of the pitches have a grass surface.


What do the different colors on the camping map mean?

The different colors illustrate different areas, all places, regardless of color have similar sizes, electricity and water. Note that the map is not according to scale.


Is it possible to camp with tents at your campsite?

Yes, we have some specific tent pitches with electricity on the campsite (marked: TE). It’s also possible to book and put up a tent on a camping pitch. 


Are pets allowed on the campsite?

Yes, pets are welcome on the campsite. Out of respect, we kindly ask you to walk the dogs outside of the campsite, keep them on a short leash and use plastic bags to clean up after the dogs.

Booking and payments

 Do you accept cash?

We are cash-free for your and our safety. You are welcome to pay by card or Swish.


What are your terms and conditions for booking?

Please read our Terms and Conditions for booking.


When is my booking binding?

Once you have read the booking confirmation/booking regulations, your booking is binding. We do not accept preliminary bookings.


What kind of cancellation protection do you offer?

The cancellation protection costs 250 SEK and implies that you will get a refund of 80% out of the accommodation cost, if you notify the cancellation more than 14 days before the arrival date. If the cancellation is notified less than 14 days before arrival a medical certificate is required.

However, if you do not have cancellation protection, you will not receive a refund for your stay, regardless of which time the cancellation is announced.

Keep in mind that all cancellations must be announced via e-mail.


Do I need to add more than one cancellation protection if I book more pitches/cabins?

The cancellation protection applies to only one pitch/cabin. When booking multiple pitches or cabins, it’s required to add as many cancellation protections as booked pitches/cabins. 

In the area

Is it allowed to have pets on the beach?

Dogs are not allowed in the bathing areas, with associated dunes, during the period of 15 May-31 August between 08.00 and 20.00. In the Flommens nature reserve, dogs are not allowed to stay in the bathing areas from 1 May to 31 August between 06.00 and 20.00. There is a dog bathing place all year round on the beach north of Skanör harbor, from the pier arm and 150 meters north. Please read more about this on Vellinge municipality’s website.


How far is it to Skanör?

About 2 km. From the campsite you will find a beautiful bicycle- and walking path with less traffic towards Skanör.


Is there a bus/train commute nearby?

About 1 km from the campsite you’ll find the bus station Skanör Haga. With bus nr. 15 you can take a bus ride to Malmö C or Skanör Centrum. To buy tickets visit Skånetrafikens website.


Are there any restaurants close to the campsite?

We have a Bistro on the campsite that offers menus for à la carte, lunches and kids. It’s also possible to take the meal to-go. Here you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer at our outdoor seating.