Falsterbo Resort AB works actively to take care of our land and its natural resources.

We, together with your visitors, can influence the future of the world and help our nature so that we can live in the best possible environment.


Europeiska Regionala Utvecklingsfonden


  • At our facility, we will work for environmentally friendly heating of the water we use.
  • We will reduce electricity consumption and buy electricity from nearby producers.
  • We will sort rubbish at our environmental stations and encourage our guests to do the same.
  • We will integrate association life into our environmental work together with return packs.
  • We will train staff and use environmentally friendly products.
  • We continuously replace showers, washbasin mixers and toilets with environmentally classified alternatives.
  • Work cars will gradually be replaced by environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Our store and bistro will strive to offer locally produced products.